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Rent Collection

Tackling the market’s top challenges, our automated smart model guarantees monthly payment in a smooth process by automatically disbursing the rent to your account. We banish the old rental model with its obstacles of money collection and overdue payments.

Financial Services

With our partnership with ValU, you can benefit from Vacation Financing , Yearly Maintenance Financing , and Finishing Financing

Property Promoting

Fully utilizing our marketing tools and cutting-edge strategies, we will help you market your property on a larger scale while meeting the right clientele.


Instead of having to directly handle and liaise maintenance requests on behalf of your tenant, we will take care that for you to enjoy peace of mind. We provide professional maintenance services to keep your property in shape and your tenant happy.

Property Inspections

Not having to worry about your home again, we conduct regular inspections to ensure your tenant adheres to all the terms of maintaining the property condition, and to identify any required maintenance at an early stage.

Financial Reporting

Our team of experts can handle all your accounting requests and provide you a detailed financial report in addition to 24/7 access to your account portal.


Keeping our promise of a smooth and hassle-free rental process from beginning to end, we take care of the eviction process if any problems or conflicts arise.

Legal Guidance

Understanding that landlord law is not everyone’s area of expertise, we are there to help and guide you with expert’s consultation and advice protecting you from potential legal issues.

Why Us

Why Choose Rentak Property Management?

Learn what sets us apart.

We Are Reliable & Prompt Communicators

Our objective is to foster long-term trustful relationships with our clients and to exceed their expectations. Our team is constantly available and happy to respond promptly to your calls, emails, and messages. We are dedicated to get the job done and fulfill your requests, keeping you and your tenant satisfied.

We Master Landlord Law

Protecting you and your rights, we will keep you compliant with landlord law with the assistance of our legal team that thoroughly understands the Egyptian law and regulations.

We Understand The Needs Of Modern Tenants

Analyzing the market’s needs and challenges, we solve the most complicated equation of property management; we connect landlords with ideal tenants. Stemming from the understanding of modern renters’ needs, we are the experts of promoting and highlighting the top features of your property amongst others in our competitive market.

We Are Innovative

Adapting to recent market trends and the digital transformation, we use the latest technology in an innovative model that successfully automates the rental market with hands-on landlording services.

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Rentak Q&As

How can you help me?

Rentak offers various Real Estate Financial facilities to Real Estate stakeholders (Landowners , Tenants , Brokers and Developers ).

How can you help me with summer vacation Financing?

Rentak is offering you the chance to keep your cash and rent your costal units with your Credit card; or even pay your rental fees in instalments throughout the entire year. You choose the unit you desire (the same old way you are used too) , agree on the terms with the unit’s owner. And Rentak will be responsible for the payment part, either if you need to pay by credit card or if you want to pay in instalments. Anyway , the landlord will receive his payment instantly from RENTAK Summer Vacations Financing

Do I rent directly from Rentak?

No! Rentak offers you a payment facility for the units you choose traditionally. Summer Vacations Financing

I’m a bit confused,how does it work ?

- You choose the unit you desire and contact the landlord to agree on all terms
- When comes to payments, contact RENTAK, provide us with unit description, landlord bank account, xxxx, choose the payment method (Bank transfer, Credit card , Instalments ) and we’ll do the Transaction on your behalf with all your data.
PS: Rentak is only responsible for the payments when it comes to vacations financing, we don't offer unit guarantees. Guarantees are offered to downtown rentals.

Can I share the payment with my Friend / Relatives ?

Yes you can!
Call Rentak Agent and he'll support you with this process. Summer Vacations Financing

What Services do you offer for downtown rentals ?

For Downtown Rentals we offer customizable packages for (Landlords and Tenants) in addition to supporting Brokers to close deals in a more convenient way.
For Tenants: - We offer payment Facilities
- We offer Clear legal Contract
- We wave downpayment, brokerage Commission and Insurance fees.
For Landlords:
- We offer Strong legal Contract
- On-Time Online payment / Rent collection
- Maintenance fees installation Downtown Services

For existing contracts would you help me?

For Tenants, On-Demand we can offer you rent payment facilities, in case of shortage in cash or physical rent payments. For Landlords we can handle rent collection for you, wherever you are living. In addition to that you would benefit from building a great score with us and we would ندفع ايجار السنة مقدم Downtown Services

Rentak Q&AsRentak Property Management Experts

We know the area. We know property management.

From analyzing the market’s challenges and needs, stems innovative ideas. With the recent digital transformation across the majority of markets and industry, it was about time we automate the rental market with hands-on landlording services. Having thoroughly studied the market and its drawbacks, Rentak tackles the market top challenges by guaranteeing payments for the landlord, and facilitating the payment terms for the clients. Rentak is bound to provide smart solutions, tailored to meet the clients’ and the landlords’ needs.

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